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Wheat Farm Insurance in Kennewick and Spokane, WA

Wheat Insurance

We offer Insurance for Wheat Growers in Washington as well as several other states throughout the northwest. Our teams of wheat insurance professionals have been serving rural communities for decades. In fact, many of our wheat farm insurance agents are farmers ourselves (or spouses), and a large segment of our agribusiness accounts are dedicated towards placing difficult risks into custom policies that suit each farmers individual insurance needs. No matter how challenging your wheat farm may be to insure, we are confident that we have a carrier to place your business with and cover your wheat insurance needs. That is the beautiful thing with working with a company as large and rural based as AAG Insurance. We have partnered with dozens of insurance companies to offer custom programs to fulfill your wheat insurance needs. No matter how large or small your wheat farm is, we can properly cover all risks associated with owning and operating a wheat farm. Insurance for wheat farms offer some unique challenges. You probably own tractors and other expensive farm equipment. In fact, I know you do. Let us take care of you.


Call or contact Jack McCalmant today at 509-725-7021. His talented teams of wheat insurance professionals know the questions to ask that can potentially save you money and make sure you have adequate coverage limits for your wheat farm. A proper wheat insurance program will help you and your loved ones sleep easy at night knowing your wheat farm and financial investment is safe.


Wheat Insurance Questions to think about:


We compiled an incomplete list of questions that we would ask all new clients to determine coverage limits for wheat insurance coverages. First of all, we would as basic questions such as how many acres large is your farm. Where is it located? This is also an important question. Is it located on a flood plain, an earthquake zone, or area that frequently is struck by natural disaster? We are also going to ask you about the type of entity that you are operating. What type of liability do you currently have? What is your current exposure?


We will also ask you questions about how much you travel between various locations. This is important because road time creates liability exposure. In addition, the specific roads traveled are an important rating factor for wheat insurance. If you are driving your tractor or delivery truck down busy streets, you are typically going to pay more than if you only drive less traveled roads. This is similar to how insurance company’s rate car insurance as well. What type of roads do you travel in your typical day are also considered. Are the roads you drive mostly dirt, gravel, paved, etc.?


We will also propose the question of…what are your tangible assets? Examples of touchable assets are farm, ground, recreational property, cash in the bank, non-IRA, liquid able securities such as stocks and bonds. This will help determine minimum limits so we can forge a policy for your wheat farm that will protect it against legal action. We will also ask you, what type of machines do you own, and how much is it worth? This will help us create a machinery schedule based on year, make, model, and value. As a general rule the most an insurance company will pay is what the “market will bear” for the like, kind, and quality. This will lead us to a discussion of the type of autos you associate with your wheat farm. This includes personal, which you tend to use 12 month out of the year, laid up vehicles which you tend to use 3, 6, or 9 months out of the year. This includes trap wagons and trucks.


Here is a list of coverages that could be part of your wheat farm insurance program. Some are standard, and some would need to be added to your policy


  • Cargo Insurance coverages for AG products
  • Fuel Insurance
  • Wheat Storage Insurance
  • Grain Insurance
  • Insurance on Tanks
  • Toys
  • All-Terrain Vehicle
  • Boat
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Jewelry
  • Firearms
  • Collections
  • Bodily injury and property damage
  • Personal and advertising Injury
  • Medical payments
  • Employers’ stop gap
  • Additional residence rented to others
  • Limited farm pollution liability
  • Earthquake Insurance for wheat farms
  • Customer farming liability
  • Flood Insurance for wheat farms
  • Named insured medical payments
  • Livestock coverage-other than liability
  • Towing on personal autos
  • Rental reimbursement on personal autos
  • Higher personal injury protection
  • Backup of sewers, drains & stumps

We will also talk about other buildings, silos, shops, machinery storage's, and misc tools that should be added to your wheat farm insurance program.


Just want to reiterate that Jack McCalmant and his team of talented wheat insurance professionals at AAG are here to serve you. We know how busy you are, and will work around your hectic schedule. Protection is meaningless after the accident. And think of it. We are all one mishap away from devastating personal and financial loss. At AAG Insurance we have protected the wheat farms and Wheat Growers since 1975. We know farm life. We know farmers. We know how to protect you with proper wheat farm insurance.