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Washington Equine Insurance Programs

We offer horse insurance programs tailored to your specific needs.

AAG Insurance is committed to protecting all your horse related investments by providing quality, cost-effective coverages. Whether you need to insure a large horse ranches, or just a small hobby farm, we are the WA equestrian insurance experts. We have been serving the rural communities in Washington with their farm and ranch insurance needs for decades. Our company was founded on family values and we operate multiple offices throughout small town WA! Our staff of knowledgeable Washington state horse insurance professionals can discuss your specific equine insurance needs, whether you would like to insure just one horse, equine related business, equestrian association, or farm. Click here to learn more about our farm insurance programs.


Frequently Asked Questions about horse insurance in Washington state:


Q - How much land do you need to own a horse?

A - As a general rule, you need one acre if you have one horse, three acres for two, five acres for three. All of these are crowded and require outside riding placesnearby for regular rides of two to five miles each. Make sure your WA equine insurance policy covers transportation of your animal.


Q – Can you tell us about a Real-life story involving Washington equine insurance claims:

A –Oh boy! Not without getting some people in trouble, we have heard plenty. We are the Washington horse insurance professionals, and our team of experienced equine insurance professionals have seen it all. The worst claim that we ever hear involved a little girl getting her nose bitten clear off by a horse she was petting through the fence. That was a horrible situation and a million dollar law-suit. That is why a proper equine insurance program in WA is vital to your financial plan. We are glad that the girl’s situation turned out fine, but you don’t want to see your financial future go down the tubes because you failed to purchase adequate WA horse insurance programs Let the horse hobby farm insurance professionals help you sleep easier at night by reviewing your WA hobby farm insurance policy.


Q – Can a horse’s insurance in WA be covered under a homeowners insurance plan?

A – The answer is not cut and dry. Two issues: the horse dies & you want $2,000 for loss of horse…the answer is NO.The horse kicks neighbor, you get sued. Then YES, but some home policies may exclude horse liability, and some underwriters may not write the policy in the first place due to horses being on property. The smartest option is to ask one of our WA equine insurance professionals today to review your home policy, and see if your are adequately covered. Our team of horse insurance professionals know the questions to ask that could save you money, as well as be extremely well protected in case the unexpected happens.


Here is a list of questions that our team of WA equine insurance professionals might ask you in order to create a custom policy which will satisfy your coverage needs.

  • What breed (s) or type of horses do you own?
  • Why do you like that breed or type of horse over others?
  • What equine or ranch-related awards have you or your ranch won over the years, and when?
  • Are you into showing, racing, rodeo, parades or other off-premises events? Which ones do you enjoy participating in?
  • What events do you need horse insurance in Washington for?
  • Do you “pass-it-on” by teaching young people or others to ride or to work with horses? If so, how do you accomplish that?
  • Have you ever experienced or heard about a bad Washington horse insurance claim related to horses or to equine facilities or equipment? If so, tell us about it. What is the scariest “wreck” you have ever had with a horse, and how did it turn out? (examples: sliding off a pack-trail, spooking in a trailer, shying from a “boogie-man” or plastic bag that looked like a B-Man, a run-away without reins, etc.)
  • Are you a member of an equine association? Which one (s)?
  • Do others come to your ranch for breeding, boarding or training services? What do you like or dislike about that part of your WA horse operation?
  • What veterinarian do you recommend to other WA horse owners, and why do you recommend them?
  • Horse insurance in Washington can be expensive and confusing. What one thing concerns you most about your current WA horse Insurance program?

AAG Insurance - Your Horse Insurance Experts!

Protection is meaningless after the accident. And think of it. We are all one mishap away from devastating personal and financial loss.

At AAG Insurance: Equine Insurance Division we have protected the residents and equestrian organization Washington for decades. We know the area. We know the residents. We know how to protect you with the right type of insurance and coverage limits.

Avoiding accidents is not promised to you or anyone else. So, don’t delay. Be prepared for life’s misfortunes. Complete the free WA equine insurance quote box at the top and let the WA horse insurance professionals at AAG saddle you with protection.


AAG Insurance Equestrian Insurance Program Application:

  1. How many horses. ______ Mares ________ Stallions ________Geldings
  2. Who will ride the horses? (if 4 or fewer and no one else rides except the family then the risk is eligible for a standard farm policy)
  3. Will the horses be used in Breeding? Y / N On your property? __________ AI?
  4. Will the horses be used as show horses? Y / N
  5. Will the horses be raced? Y / N
  6. Will the horses be leased? Y / N
  7. Will lessons be given to the public? Y / N
  8. Will horses be boarded for the general public? Y / N
  9. Will you you train?Y / N
  10. Will Will you feed and groom? Y / N
  11. Do you have authority to call the Vet? Y / N
  12. Do you keep horses that are in the rescue program? Y / N
  13. Are the rules from the State of WA posted in all barns, stables and arenas? Y / N
  14. Do all riders/visitors outside the family sign a hold harmless agreement? Y / N