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Nationwide Tattoo Removal Clinic Insurance Programs

AAG Insurance and its agents have been protecting medical spas, cosmetic clinics, and aesthetic clinics since 1998.  We are the pioneers for the tattoo laser removal industry. Our experienced team of medical spa professionals have created insurance programs that are easy to understand and even easier to implement. We know your time is valuable and a quick phone call is enough to get the process started. Call (360) 748-8855 and ask for Jason Kunz.  Jason is the Director of our Medical Spa Insurance Division. If you prefer e-mail, simply fill out the free tattoo removal clinic insurance box at the top and we will respond in a timely manner. We know your industry and how to cover all the risks associated with your business.


What Tattoo Removal techniques are available?


The agents in AAG Insurance's Medical Spa Insurance Division are well tied to the medical spa insurance community. We speak with doctors, surgeons, and tattoo removal clinic office managers on a daily basis to learn about the latest and greatest procedures in the industry so that we can properly identify your Tattoo removal clinic's risks. Thousands of people each year undergo placement of permanent tattoos somewhere on their bodies. Law of diminishing returns anyone? After the initial excitement of getting ink done, a significant number of people realize that they have made a bad choice and want the tattoo removed. Over time, a number of techniques have developed to remove tattoos. Many of the older techniques are no longer used due to the invention of laser technology used in several medical care procedures. The older techniques are discussed here for informational purposes and has their place in the history of tattoo removal procedures. Methods for removing tattoos include laser treatments, abrasion, scarification, and surgery. Of all the techniques, laser tattoo removal is the most commonly used method today. It our mission to provide you with top-notch insurance programs for your laser tattoo removal clinic. Tattoo removal insurance programs are tailored to your clinic's needs.


Glossary of Tattoo Removal Clinic Insurance Terms:


What is Lasers Tattoo Removal?

This is the most popular means of tattoo removal in the industry when this page was written. All other methods of tattoo removal seem barbaric in comparison. Lasers work by creating small and short pulses of intense light that pass safely through the top layers of skin to be absorbed by the tattoo pigment. This laser energy changes the tattoo pigment to splinter-off into smaller particles which are removed by the human body's immune system. This is a fairly safe procedure, but has its inherent risks as well. This has become the status-quo of the tattoo removal clinic community. Call the laser tattoo removal clinic insurance professionals today, or fill out the free quote box at the top of the page.


What is Salabraison?

Salabrasion is an outdated and rarely seen technique that tattoo removal clinics implement that that involves sopping the tattoo area in a salt-based solution which is intended to remove the pigment/color. It was often combined with dermabrasion or micro-dermabrasion, but is outdated. The technique is only effective for superficial tattoos and requires multiple treatments. At best, this technique only causes fading of the tattoo. Call AAG Insurance for all your tattoo removal clinic insurance needs. Jason Kunz is the director of the nationwide program and his team of dedicated tattoo parlor removal insurance professionals are ready to assist your clinic with their insurance needs. Our agency has access to over 150 carriers, and we can shop your insurance for you. You will be confident that your med spa's insurance needs are properly covered.


What is Dermabrasion?

Dermabrasion is the process of grinding down the surface of your skin with a sterilized wire brush or diamond fraise. The diamond fraise looks similar to a sanding disk.  Dermabrasion (or micro-dermabrasion) is a process that is often used to smooth out acne damage or scars, as well as fine lines around the mouth and eyes due to aging. The procedure used in tattoo removal clinics is moderately painful and requires several applications that must be spaced out over a couple of months. Dermabrasion acts like a chemical peel in that it removes the top couple layers of the skin's surface. The removal of skin may result in scarring and the technique is rarely used today for tattoo removal. Our Tattoo removal clinic insurance programs can properly cover your cosmetic clinic's insurance needs. Sleep easy at night knowing that your Dermabrasion procedures are covered under our exclusive medical spa insurance programs for tattoo removal clinics.


What is Scarification?

Cover your ears if you get a little squeamish. Scarification is a tattoo removal procedure that includes an acid solution and your skin. Want to learn more...Chemical peels have been around in several forms for over 1/2 a century. Skin peels because controlled skin damage which results in multiple layers of skin peeling off as new skin is shown on the surface. The technique is rarely used today. I get a little squeamish when I create the visual in my head, but I can handle it. That's why I went into insurance and not medicine. We are the tattoo removal clinic insurance pros, and we want to help protect your business, livelihood, financial investment, and wallet. Click here to go to the top and fill out the free no obligation tattoo removal insurance quote form today. We will respond to your request in a timely manner.


What is camouflaging a tattoo?

When one camouflages a skin tattoo, it requires an injection of new pigments either to form a new pattern or cover a tattoo with skin-toned coloring. The injected colors/pigment often does not look natural due to the fact that they lack the skin's natural translucence. The price usually resembles that of a regular tattoo, and when done correctly the old tattoo will be completely invisible. If you tattoo removal clinic still uses camouflafing of tattoos, we can cover you insurance requirements. Call the ink removal clinic insurance professionals at 360-748-8855. Our programs are nationwide and we have ~150 insurance carriers to shop your needs to.


What does the surgical removal of tattoos entail?

In layman's terms, surgical tattoo removal involves removing the entire tattoo area along with the surrounding skin, and using the surrounding skin to cover the area. Don't try this at home kids. The Excision method of tattoo removal is highly successful in the case of small tattoos. Excision means to remove by cutting, and this is the basic principle of the excision method of tattoo removal. The skin is then sutured back if the defect is small; otherwise skin grafts are required to close the defect. Surgery is often viewed as the last resort for very large tattoos and should only be used when all other options have been exhausted. This procedure may leave visible scarring, but is highly preferable to having the tattoo, especially if the tattoo brings up bad memories of the past. Jason Kunz leads our medical spa insurance division, and he has created programs specifically designed to meet any tattoo removal clinics insurance requirements. Jason and his team will ask you questions that could potentially save you money on your insurance and properly protect you from unforeseen risks.


What is Intense Pulsed Light?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is used primarily on skin that has had an outbreak of acne or other skin ailments. It has also been used to treat tattoo by fading them out. IPL usually works best on brightly colored tattoos. One drawback is that it often requires multiple treatments for it to be effective. If your clinic used intense pulsed light to remove tattoos, we can certainly cover the risks involved with your tattoo removal clinic.


Does Home Tattoo Removal Work?


The simple answer to Does Home Tattoo Removal Work? is NO.


Go to a licensed cosmetic clinic or aesthetic clinic that specializes in laser tattoo removal. If you are looking for an effective home tattoo removal method then will need to keep looking because there have been no documented means of doing it. The home cannot replicate the clean and professional environment that you get with going to a proper laser tattoo removal clinic. I'm afraid you won't find any form of DIY tattoo removal that will produce the results you needs.  All you are going to do is put your health and livelihood in danger.


Why AAG Insurance?


We have been providing Insurance for tattoo removal clinics for since 1998, and have become the industry leader in the medical spa insurance industry. Our programs are nationwide and we custom create our insurance for tattoo removal clinic programs to fit your needs and wants. We know your time is extremely valuable. Call Jason and his team (toll free) at 360-748-8855 or fill out the tattoo removal clinic insurance form at the top to get the ball rolling. We just need to talk and ask you a few question to being the process. We can talk on the phone, or communicate via email...whichever you prefer. At AAG Insurance "Your Protection: Our Priority."