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Nationwide Liposuction Insurance Programs

Liposuction Insurance programs by AAG Insurance. For years, our team of risk managers have been the most important ally for medical spa owners. Our nationwide liposuction insurance programs are tailored to your med-spa, aesthetic, or cosmetic clinic’s needs.


Jason Kunz is the Director of AAG Insurance Medical Spa Insurance Division. Our risk evaluation can be conducted over the phone or electronically, whichever you prefer. We know how busy you are, and we want to make this partnership easy for you. Jason Kunz and his experienced team know the questions to ask that can save you money on insurance and help you sleep easier at night knowing your business is safe.


Why leave it to chance? No liposuction clinic or medi-spa in our society is devoid of risk. We live in an extremely litigious society, and you being a doctor or medical spa manager understand this better than anyone. Protect yourself and business against legal action, attorney fees, as well as hazards of the profession. Fill out the free liposuction insurance quote box at the top, and the medical spa insurance team will respond in a timely manner.

Real Life Situations.  Lipo Clinic Insurance Risks:

What is liposuction?

In unscientific terms, liposuction is referred to as a type of surgery whose end result is to eliminate excessive fat. Despite several positive aspects, there are several risks associated with liposuction that all prospective surgery goers and med-spa owners should be aware of. We have accumulated a list of potential disasters so you can better determine whether or not your liposuction insurance program satisfies all your lipo insurance needs.


  • Situation #1: A client who recently had a simple elected procedure such as botox slips in the waiting room floor on the way to your medical spa’s exit. The culprit was another client’s ice pack that was slowly dripping condensation as well as a slight opening in the corner of the zip-lock bag. But it is not the condensation that is legally responsible for your client’s damages. You must review your businesses insurance policy for liposuction clinics. Is it covered? Is it in writing? We can tell you. Let us evaluate your current liposuction insurance policy and we will determine if you are adequately protected.
  • Situation #2: Your patient experiences bad infections, post-liposuction procedure. The fluids which are inserted into the surgical area with the fat that has been removed has the real potential to cause severe infection. Such liquids are designed to target fat cells for easy extraction. The fluids could also numb the area to reduce the pain in order to make the treatment more easily handle-able for your patient.
  • Situation #3: A client of yours elects to have the liposuction procedure. A tube is gently inserted into the part of the body where excess fat is removed. Upon removal, the surgical instruments or tube punctures an interior organ, and damages the organs. There is always the possibility of a crisis happening during any procedure, no matter how careful you are when operating. A cannula that penetrates too severely could penetrate an internal organ. This may require emergency surgical repair. Not too mention the risk of being sued. Call one of our liposuction insurance specialists today and ask him/her to review your current med spa’s policy to make sure you are well protected. If you are just opening a aesthetic clinic give us a call and we will cater your liposuction insurance policy to fit your businesses individual needs.
  • Situation #4: During a liposuction procedure you have a client that has a negative reaction to Lidocaine. Or perhaps a negative reaction to anesthesia…while it may be unlikely to occur, but there is always a chance of somebody having an serious allergic reaction during at the stage of receiving a dose of anesthesia.  Is your liposuction clinic covered? If you are not sure, please call Jason Kunz at AAG Insurance! Jason or his team of medical spa insurance professionals know the questions to ask that will ensure that your business is well-protected.


Warning – Do not operate your business without liposuction surgery insurance.  Not having lipo surgery insurance can ruin you quicker than just about any other thing that can happen to your med spa.  Think about it, you can have a slow day at the office.  You can have a slow week, month, or you may be able to survive a slow business year.  But one small mishap without adequate liposuction surgery insurance coverage could instantly cause you to shut down your operation.  You could conduct a Google search and instantly read about hundreds of medical malpractice claims against businesses that either had no lipo surgery insurance, or inadequate levels of liposuction surgery insurance.  Jason has seen it all during his career as the lipo surgery insurance expert, and has saved dozens of his medical spa clients countless hours of stress, anxiety, and tension, because they know that Jason Kunz of AAG Insurance made sure their policy came with proper lipo insurance limits.


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