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Medical Spa Insurance FAQs

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AAG Insurance employs experience agents that have been engrained the Medical Spa Insurance, Aesthetic Insurance, and Cosmetic Insurance industry for over 12 years. As one of the nation’s leading independent risk management firm, AAG Insurance recognizes the importance of going beyond what is expected. With today's limitations on medical malpractice policies, there is an increased need to adequately and efficiently cover all operations of a Cosmetic or Medical Spa clinics nationwide. Our Medical Spa Insurance, Cosmetic Insurance and Aesthetic Insurance programs are tailored to fit the individual risk needs regardless of where the clinic is located. We know the relevant questions to ask you in order to not only adequately protect your business, but possibly save money on your top-notch protection policy.

More protection for your clinic, including:

  • Physicians & Medical Directors Coverage
  • Owner & Employees Coverage
  • Equipment Cost Coverage


We Have the Answers to Your Questions:

Q: Can I insure my Medical Director on my current Medical Spa Insurance policy to perform treatments in my clinic?
A: Yes, Medical Directors offering either administrative duties only or direct patient care services can be covered by the clinic's Medical Spa Insurance policy.

Q: If my Medical Director is insured on the medical spa policy, and we have a claim, does that affect the Medical Director’s individual Medical Malpractice policy?

A: No, our medical spa insurance programs are set-up to defend and pay-out up to the policy limits for any covered claim that the may occur. Therefore, the medical director's individual medical malpractice policy should not be affected. There can some exceptions.

Q: Can AAG Insurance provide Medical Spa Insurance coverage in all 50 States?
A: Yes, we can write directly in all the States with a number of competitive Medical Spa Insurance companies.

Q: Can I add additional procedures to my current Medical Spa Insurance policy?
A: Yes, but the insurance companies will want to know about the new procedures prior to offering to the general public.

Q: Can I add additional Aesthetic clinics to my current Medical Spa Insurance policy?
A: Yes, however the insurance companies will want to know a head of time and an additional premium may be required.

Q: Is there a minimum premium for Aesthetic/Medical Spa Insurance?
A: Our carriers have programs that start at $2,000 annually. However, premiums are typically based on the procedures being offered and the number of procedures being performed.

Q: Can my staff be covered under my Medical Spa Insurance policy?
A: Yes, however the insurance companies typically ask to receive copies of training completion to confirm that the staff has been property trained on the procedures.

Q: Can AAG Insurance help me with my Equipment Insurance and General Liability Insurance coverage?
A: Yes, our carries have competitive programs to provide both Equipment Insurance and General Liability Insurance coverage. Coverage can also be extended to an off site location if you attend a trade show or perform treatments at another facility/clinic.

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