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Collagen Clinic Insurance

National Insurance Programs for Collagen Clinics

AAG Insurance offers insurance packages for Medical Spas that practice Collagen injection procedures. Collagen injections are fairly simple procedures, but all procedures in a medical field come with risk.  If you are a doctor or a medical spa director practicing or looking to practice collagen injections, insurance for collagen is a must. Insurance for collagen procedures will protect against claim expenses and legal payments, should a claim be filed against your medical spa. Jason Kunz, AAG’s Medical Spa Insurance Director, specializes in custom packages for your medical spa and can assist you with all your questions and needs. Call AAG Insurance today toll free at, 360-748-8855 or 800-346-2519

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a natural occurring protein found in your body. Like other proteins, with muscle building functions, collagen is a tissue supporting fiber for your bones, skin, muscles, and organs. Much like cells, with tendencies to create themselves naturally within your body, collagen is also a product your body creates. But when the human body starts to age and slow down, low collagen levels can begin to affect your physical appearance. In most cases your face holds the most noticeable change. Wrinkles begin to appear, skin can begin to lose moisture and sag, the same happens to your lips. collagen injections help to maintain levels of collagen within the human body. Collagen has numerous benefits:

  1. Younger, smoother looking skin
  2. Removes acne scars or other blemishes
  3. Removes wrinkles and smile folds
  4. Bigger, fuller lips

Collagen VS Botox

Botox is commonly mistaken for collagen injections but they differ are a large scale. collagen injections are to add collagen levels to your body, whereas botox, is used to block toxins that cause skin to sag and become less full. Though they can be used to treat the same physical needs, such as lip augmentations, botox and collagen are very different and should only be used after the patient has undergo skin analysis testing. Refer back to our main page at www.aag-services.com/insurance-quotes/medical-spa-insurance for more information on common medical spa terms and procedures.

The Procedure

Collagen injections are very simple and have been around since the mid 1970’s. Common bovine, or cow, collagen fillers are Zyderm and Zyplast; human collagen fillers include CosmoDerm and Cosmoplast. These fillers are injected, below the skin, into the area on the face that is targeted. The most common reasons for an injection would be wrinkles, acne scars, dark bags under the eyes or smile folds.

Bovine or Human Fillers

Before the Collagen injection procedure, a skin analysis test is required. The main reason for this is the allergic reaction patients have had to the Bovine filler. The Bovine fillers Zyderm and Zyplast are collagen fibers that have been taken from cows. In many cases a patient may be allergic to these collagens thus the skin test is required in order to determine if bovine or human fillers should be used. The human fillers, CosmoDerm and Cosmoplast, are made up of purified human collagen. Human Collagen injections do not require a skin analysis beforehand, but it is suggested that one be taken anyways even though not required.

Risks Involved

Like any medical procedure, risks are involved and become a major factor. Although collagen injections are a simple procedure, accidents and unforeseeable complications may occur. The most common risk is: a patient has an allergic reaction to the injection. Migraines may occur and if a patient is pregnant or nursing, the sudden change to the body may complicate birth and affect child development.  Lidocaine, which is an anesthetic, can also trigger a negative reaction to the body. Other risks with collagen injections include: a bacterial infection, skin irritation and scarring. AAG Insurance offers National Medical Spa Insurance packages to protect your spa from claims and unprecedented complications that may occur.

Meeting Your Needs

We live in a day and age where aesthetic procedures are normal day to day procedures. Nationally many are already utilizing medical spas. It is a growing practice and the more and more people each day are starting their first treatments. The demand for a medical spa is at the highest it has ever been and will continue to grow as the number of patients increase. Whether you are a Doctor looking to open a medical spa, or a professional seeking job opportunity within a spa, do not begin without AAG’s Collagen Injection, nationwide insurance. Your business will be uniquely looked at and specific factors to your business will be taken into account. We here at AAG Insurance pride ourselves in insurance for medical spas nationwide. Call us today and ask for Jason Kunz, the Director of Medical Spa Insurance, to cover your collagen procedures.