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Chin Implant Insurance

Chin Implant Insurance

Protecting Those Who Preform Chin Implant Surgeries

Chin implants have been around for the past decade, but they are becoming increasingly more popular. Chin Implants are also referred to as mentoplasty. It is essentially a similar procedure as other augmentation procedures and the most likely candidate are individuals with weak or receded chin. It is a fairly standard procedure that has helped thousands of individuals improve their appearance by altering the contours of their face. Chin implant clinics insurance programs are vital to protect your business, livelihood, and investment.

Keeping Your Clinic Secure with Tailored Chin Augmentation Coverage

Chin Augmentation is intended to enhance the chin via insertion of a chin implant, or surgical manipulation of the jaw bone. The final result is a jawline that is in better proportion to the rest of the faces attributes, and therefore more attractive. Chin implant procedures are often referred to as sliding osteotomy, chin surgery, and chin implants. Chin augmentation procedures can be done in a medical spa, an outpatient surgical facility or a hospital.


Typically, there are two basic procedures used in chin augmentation surgery, and our chin augmentation insurance programs cover both. The first involves moving the chin bone forward and the other requires the insertion of a plastic chin implant.


AAG Insurance has been protecting chin augmentation procedures for over a decade. We understand that every chinplant insurance program is different and we will tailor it to your specific chin implant insurance needs. Call Jason Kunz today, he is the Director of our Medical Spa Insurance Division, and understands the industry better than anyone. His team of Chin implant clinic insurance professionals are looking forward to protecting your chin implant clinic and your investment.


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