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Surgery Center Insurance

Surgery Center Medical Malpractice Insurance

Surgery Center Insurance for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery Learning Center

For over 15 years, AAG Insurance has employed agents experienced in Medical Malpractice Surgery Center Liability Insurance, Aesthetic Malpractice Insurance, and Esthetic Surgery Insurance. AAG remains one of the nation's leading independent risk management firms because we know what it means to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. We understand that with the limitations often set on coverage for Insuring Surgery Centers for Malpractice and Liability, we need to, and do, provide coverage for businesses large and small. Additionally, we've taken this limitation as a challenge and write coverage for all procedures no matter the risk. At AAG Insurance, we want to you to be just as comfortable in the service we will provide as you are with the services you provide. That is why we shop around for not only the most accurate coverage but also the most affordable rates to make sure you can comfortably continue to provide Aesthetic Surgery with peace of mind. One more thing! Not only do we offer medical malpractice insurance for your Surgery Center and Procedures, we also offer coverage for your Surgery Facility Physicians & Medical Directors, Medical Center Owners and Employees, and your Surgery Center Equipment


Q. Is my Medical Director covered on my current Medical Malpractice Surgery Center Insurance policy if he or she performs treatments in my clinic?

A.Yes! Medical Directors who offer administrative and/or direct patient care services can be covered by the clinic’s liability insurance for your Surgery Center.


Q. If there is a claim on our Surgery Center's Medical Malpractice insurance, and our Medical Director is insured under the policy, will the claim affect the Medical Director's Individual Medical Malpractice policy?

A.Normally, no. Our Medical Malpractice Surgery Center Insurance programs are established in a way that defend and pay-out up to the policy limits for any covered claim that may occur. Therefore, under most circumstance, the Medical Director & Individual Medical Malpractice policy should not be affected. Please contact us for questions about exceptions to this rule.


Q. Is AAG Insurance for Surgery Center Malpractice and Liability offered on a nationwide level?

A.Yes! AAG can and will write directly nationwide with a number of competitive Surgery Center Insurance companies.


Q. If I want to expand my Aesthetic Surgery Center's practice after my policy has been established, can I add procedures to the policy?

A.Yes! However, in order to, all procedure must be added to the policy before they are offered to the public in the Surgery Center.


Q. If I want to expand my partnership into other Cosmetic Surgery Centers, will I be able to add those Surgery Centers to my policy?

A.Yes! Before you join the other Cosmetic Surgery Center, contact us for a quote because your new premium will be assessed.


Q. Is there a minimum premium for Medical Malpractice Aesthetic Surgery Center Liability Insurance?

A.The premiums for the carriers we work with start at $2000 annually. However, as with all insurance, premiums are based on the types of procedures and the number of procedures offered.


Q. Can I insure the staff employed at my Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

A.Yes! Simply send copies of training completion certificates to confirm that your staff meets all the qualifications of training on procedures to be offered at your Surgery Center.


Q. Can AAG Insurance supply me with Surgery Facility Equipment Insurance and General Liability Insurance coverage?

A.Yes! AAG Insurance will shop our carriers' competitive programs to provide both Equipment Insurance and General Liability Insurance coverage. Coverage can also extended to an off-site location if you attend a trade show or perform treatments at another Surgery Facility or Clinic.


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