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Washington Renters Insurance

Why Renters Insurance in WA?


When you are moving into a new apartment, you should strongly consider renter’s insurance in Washington. Find an AAG insurance agent near you by calling 509-891-1800 or 360-748-8855.


Did you know that many landlords require proof of renter’s insurance before they let you sign a a lease. That is not the only reason why you need to have a renter’s insurance policy. You might not think that you don’t own very many things, you will be amazed how quickly personal property can accumulate.


Just look around… TV, golf clubs, jewelry, laptop, camera, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. Before you know it, you Washington Renters insurance will protect your “stuff” in case of fire or water damage. Washington Renters Insurance can also cover you in case of theft, and will help you replace damaged items, that would be almost impossible to replace “out of pocket.”


FYI: Renters Insurance will not only protect your possessions inside your apartment, but also away from home! This is relevant for when you want to get away and go on vacation, or need to leave for an extended period of time. With a solid Renter’s Insurance policy in WA, you and your belongings will be well-protected all the time.


Having a policy with strong liability protection on your renter’s insurance policy in WA is vital. Have you ever left a friend a key to your apartment to feed and walk your dog? If a friend comes to your apartment, trips over you’re your rug and breaks her arm, liability coverage that is part of your renter’s policy will pitch in to pay for her personal injuries.


Here is a worse scenario: If you cause damage not only to your own, but also to other units of your apartment building, you can be held legally responsible for damages you have caused to the building and to your neighbor’s personal property. WA Renter’s insurance can protect you! Not only does it provide liability coverage, but it will also pay for the cost of a defense attorney to help you in a liability dispute.


Did you know that a Renter’s Insurance policy can be bundled with your auto insurance to give you a discount on both?


Make the wise decision. Protect your assets. Get Renter’s Insurance and contact us ASAP. Please fill out the free renters insurance quote form above.