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Cannabis Insurance in California

Providing Insurance Protection for Marijuana Retailers, Processors, and Growers in California

For Californians, November 8, 2016 was an extremely memorable day, especially for those who voted in favor of Proposition 64. The bill, known as the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” was approved, and it in turn gave California residents the ability to use and grow marijuana for personal use. For many individuals, the passing of Proposition 64 also offered the opportunity for a new business venture as the demand for cannabis grew.


However, like any industry, individuals in the marijuana business are still susceptible to risk, and as such require appropriate insurance protection. Whether you are a marijuana retailer, processor, or grower, at Associated Agency Group, our team of agents have the commercial policy right for your business. We have been working to protect cannabis growers and the industry since its inception, and are eager to expand our coverage in California.


Experienced Agents Protecting the Cannabis Industry

Led by agent Jason Kunz, we have worked hard to put ourselves at the forefront of cannabis protection in California. We have forged strategic relationships with select carriers so that we can protect all facets of our client’s business. Like any policy we write, we work together with our clients to identify exposures so that we can find the right protection.


The following are some of the products we can offer:

  • General Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Excess Liability
  • PropertyEquipment Breakdown
  • Cyber Liability


Jason and his team are looking forward to protecting you and your business. Please contact an agent or request a quote to get started.


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